2023 cohort
Water and drought

Heat, floods and homelessness: Unhoused in Sacramento’s extreme weather

Homelessness, climate change and health care are clearly intertwined with each other

Sarah Yee, Emma Canillo
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San Diegans reflect on their beloved greenspaces – and drought

AB Ross

Nitrate, toxins continue to taint Central Valley water. Solutions are hard to come by.

Most of California’s unsafe water systems are in the Central Valley. This year’s extreme weather has only worsened the problem.

Aya Hashi, Jesse Morris
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Different faiths, one calling: To the water

Californians with spiritual and cultural connections to water find themselves called to action, a valuable mindset amid the drought. Matthew […]

Maggie De La Peza

JCal empowers California students to tell the stories of their communities by immersing them in the state’s news ecosystem through an all-inclusive, free summer program.

This year’s theme was Water and Drought.

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As Marin County anticipates future drought, is recycling more water the answer? It isn’t sure yet.

Officials look to new sustainable systems but grapple with questions around regulations, costs and more.

Lucy Wong Ryniejski
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Communities of color lack flood control. Would representation on water boards help?

“It's a long history of disinvestment in communities of color.”

Bella Kim
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Copco #1 dam is scheduled to be removed next year. Photo: Klamath River Renewal Corporation.

At Klamath River, historic dam removals to revive dwindling salmon population

After twenty years of protest and opposition, many of the Klamath dams near the California-Oregon border are finally coming down. […]

Astreya McKnight
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As climate change becomes more apocalyptic, why isn’t art imitating life?

The box office has long been dominated by many super hero or action films that do not address environmental issues.

Jaimie Chun

Industry journalists from California’s major news sites, public radio and broadcast stations directly mentored JCal reporters for a five day camp at CalMatters’ Sacramento newsroom.

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It impacts every California student, but drought is missing from schools’ curriculums

The beginning of 2023 started with heavy rainfall in the Bay Area and Notre Dame Belmont High School’s basement flooded. […]

Clarissa Wing

Once a status symbol in Orange County, green lawns are slowly becoming passe

Nearly 17 percent of Irvine area water users are considered “inefficient” or “wasteful.”

Phoebe Pan

Climate Denialism: ‘We just don’t have time to debate this anymore’

Science communicators have been using their platform for decades to combat misinformation and denialism. But to some, it’s no longer worth the fight.

Nikki Piedad

At Clear Lake, is a fish sacred to Pomo tribes at risk of extinction?

Considered threatened in California, the hitch remains unlisted at the federal level. Pomo Indians and advocates, meanwhile, are saving the fish with their own hands.

Maia Pak

JCal is a free program that immerses California high school students into the state’s news ecosystem. It is a collaboration between the Asian American Journalists Association and CalMatters.